Botox Treatment in Edmonton: Everything you Need to Know About Cosmetic Procedure


Botox Treatment: A Guide to Cosmetic Procedure

Botox in Edmonton is currently a hot topic running across. There are various areas of concerns that most of us have and below we mentioned some of the things you need to know about botox before getting started.


Age is no restriction

If you are stuck in collecting details and consulting experts and people about the ideal age at which Botox should be performed, then you should actually know that there is not recommended age for undergoing Botox treatment. The only variation of age factor is that the muscle structure and formation is different from every individual.

If a person is in her early twenties (say 22) is undergoing apparent lines and wrinkles which is leading to issues, can undergo a Botox treatment but an individual with perfect state of skin can’t.

Some of the medical experts suggest that Botox is like a preventive measure for young individuals as it avoided signs of wrinkles and lines and they temporarily hinders movements of muscles.

The proportion of dosage differs from individual to individual

On average the proportion of dosage varies from ten to twenty-five units. By the unit, count depends on the intensity of wrinkles and lines which needs to be treated. The more intense ones require a larger count and the less dense or surface ones require a less count.

Pain or no pain

Yes, the botox treatment first a little. As the needle is being injected in certain body part the patient feels a little stingy. After the needle is put away it feels slightly finicky.

Do not perform any kind of exercise just after the treatment

The Botox solution generally takes about twenty minutes to resolve in the muscles so it is highly recommended to maintain the posture latest up to 20 mins.

Do not perform any kind of adverse exercise right after the treatment and be very precise while washing face. It is recommended to not to use scrubs or rub your hands too hard on the treated area.


It is very common to witness some amount of bruising

After treatment, you may witness some red or blotchy patches, but the redness will soon fade away after you can notice small pinprick points. While undergoing Botox treatment it is very general to witness bruising and it directly depends on the sensitivity of your skin. You may witness a slight pain in the head by that will vanish after some hours.

Just in case you experience pain in the head for more than 2 days or another kind of signs like visual hindrance (very rare) or vomiting sensation, you should straight away consult your medical expert.


The results of the treatment can be seen in about three to five days and not instantly. The maximum amount of outcomes can be witnessed only after 2 weeks.

The impact of treatments will stay in for at least three to five months.

Aftercare guidance from professionals prove to be quite easy and do not need anything way too strict. To grab the most out of the treatment it is suggested to jot smoke, consume alcohol, constrain exposure to sun and prevent all sorts of tensions which can result in damaging the collagen and reducing the durability of the botox.

The outcomes of the three maintains in for about 3 to 5 months which is based on the facts the like strength of the muscles, life, style, and metabolism.

The expenses of Botox differ.

Though Botox treatment in Edmonton is widely present but it is essential to consult a skilled and highly qualified medical expert, even though he is charging a large sum. Do not go in for someone who is catching less and is not qualified as the outcomes may be horrible.

Before selecting a cosmetic clinic nearby, you should research well and read online reviews. Smartly handle your situation. On average, it costs about $150 to $300.

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