urologist - get medical advise for your urology diseases

Urologist: When to Consult Urology Doctor


Learn about a urologist medical doctor. Read the urology specialist career, job description, duties, required medical education, and other popular urology associations help links. Read now!

urologist - get medical advise for your urology diseases

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Would you like to advise people with painful and problematic urology problems?
Want to become Urology surgeon?

Thinking…When to consult a urologist?

No ideas…Urologist visit what to expect and when to consult best urology specialist

Then… Read this article to know when to see a urologist for your urology problems. You can learn signs that tell you to need to go a urologist and importance of urologist for men’s health.

When to See a Urologist? Signs you should Not Ignore

As men get older, they tend to develop certain health issues. These are not the general ones, but those demanding professional attention. Sometimes, meeting a physician may not solve the problem. A urologist may be the right person to meet.

Continue your reading Best online medical advice on regular urology problems for males and when to see a urologist. Have the best urologist visit what to expect from their health and medical treatment services.

What happens when you see a urologist: urologist for men’s health

Here are some reasons you should consult a urologist: Urologist for men’s health. Find now the signs that tell men when to see a urologist.

The Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Level

Any elevated or change in PSA test is often advised further for detection of prostate cancer. In general, a very low level of PSA detected in the bloodstream or high levels indicates danger. Hence, it is important to speak to a professional as soon as possible. A urologist will be helpful in determining the exact cause of the problem.

Kidney Abnormality

In case, your doctor detects something unusual on X-ray, get referred to a specialist,  mainly urologist.


Around 25 percent of infertility issues may be directly related to the problem with males. So in case, your partner or spouse is being evaluated for infertility issue, simply get a simultaneous evaluation by a reputed urologist.

Erectile Dysfunction

The issue is quite painful emotionally. It may also be a very uncomfortable conversation to establish. However, this is a crucial topic to discuss with an experienced urologist. Inability to achieve or maintain an erection in the penis tends to affect one’s sexual performance and relationship with spouse due to lack of intimacy. Read about fertility problems in males.

Apart from this issue, it may reveal certain complications, including renal failure, hypertension, and vascular disease. Many men do not reach a “urology center”  as they are too embarrassed to talk about the issue. However, proper evaluation is the only way of treating the issue effectively.

Blood in Urine

Do not ignore this problem. This is a warning sign that you should see a urologist on an immediate basis. One of the major reasons is that this may be a warning signal of serious conditions such as kidney or bladder cancer.

So if you experience only blood in your urine occasionally, take it as a warning signal. This condition demands immediate attention. An exam by urologist must include CT scan, urine tests, cystoscopy, and x-ray.

Mass, Pain or Lump (Testicular)

In normal cases, the testicular pain exists up to two weeks. When you having testicular pain if more than one day. Then consult the best urologist near you. Urologists diagnose the existence or growth of any masses, firmness or nodules on the testicles organs.

These will leads to testicular cancer. If any masses, firmness or nodules found early, cancer in the testes needs to take care for curing testicular cancer. The testicular cancer treatment is one of the curable cancers in nowadays.

Abnormality in Prostate Exam

Most doctors advise men above the age of 40 to get an annual exam. This will help doctors monitor and take close note of any changes.

Early detection of abnormalities related to prostate cancer will make it easier to treat. So keep tabs on any nodules, firmness or irregularities. If you feel any, consult a Urologist. Early detection of prostate cancer means a very high cure rate.

Problems Urinating

This problem is not life-threatening. However, difficulty while urinating can make life difficult. Men tend to feel very uncomfortable. Usually, this problem is caused due to the enlarged prostate. This is also seen as a common symptom of getting older. Luckily, this condition is easily treated with medications. Doctors will give medications to relieve the symptoms. One of the treatments advised is to shrink the prostate. This will help with urination.

Pain while Urinating

It is not common to experience pain while urinating. This may be due to some infections that occur in a part of the urinary tract. The problem is usually caused by bacteria. The best person to determine the underlying cause of infection is a urologist.

The urologist professional will help you recommend a treatment exclusively designed for your condition. Find here how to get rid of penis smell and sexual wellness articles.

Frequent Urination

If you experience an urge to urinate often or urinate very frequently, it is time to see a urologist. Sometimes, men may suffer from leakage of urine (incontinence) all of a sudden. It may also start interfering in daily lifestyle. The problem is quite common and easily manageable. This can also be treated successfully.

Hoping you learned about urologist for men’s health and when to see a urologist.

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