Geographic tongue cure home remedies treatment

Treatment for Geographic Tongue


Simple and Effective Treatments for Geographic Tongue

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Home remedies tips for Geographic Tongue treatment at home

Geographic tongue cure home remedies treatment

Being known as benign migratory glossitis, geographic tongue is an annoying condition which affects mostly two sides and the top of your tongue. If your tongue suddenly appears red point together with pink and white patches which changes their position from time to time, unfortunately, you are suffering from geographic tongue.

However, do not worry because it is harmless and easy to treat. This article will show you Simple and Effective Treatments for Geographic Tongue as following.

  1. Dietary Choices

What you take into your body are strongly affected your appearance including your tongue. A healthy diet daily will not only help your whole body and mind stay strong but also keep you far away from ugly geographic tongue. In long term, you will take so much of advantage from this recommended diet, especially your tongue for sure.

Diet that cures Geographic Tongue

At first, stay away from irritant foods which are the main reason for making your geographic tongue worse and worse or even cannot be healed. You should not eat spicy, hot, salty and acidic foods. If you are a smoker, try to stop smoking if you wish to recover from geographic tongue.

By the way, we do know well that smoking itself does harm your health, and your tongue too in this case. Moreover, processed or packaged foods are all not good for you. Thus, try to limit and avoid these kinds of foods by replacing them with fresh and organic foods.

Your body will be so thankful if you make it. Flavored candies or foods containing so much sugar are all in the blacklist that causes and worsen geographic tongue. Last but not least, fruit and vegetables are all ideals for our health but if you are suffering from geographic tongue, avoid acidic vegetables and fruit to recover fast.

  1. Fluid Intake

It is assumed that our body is 70 percent of water. It is the reason why keeping your body hydrated can lead to disease and uncomfortable body. Geographic tongue is also caused by the lack of water. It is easy to keep your body far from hydrated by increasing fluid intake.

How intake fluid Treat the Geographic Tongue

However, if you are suffering from geographic tongue, there are some drink that for and not for you. We will start with the drink for your geographic tongue at first. The most effective drinks are watermelon, cucumber juice and particularly coconut water.

Increase fluid intake and avoid alcoholic and sugary beverages to treat Geographic tongue

If you drink from 1 to 2 glasses of coconut daily, you will soon say goodbye to the geographic tongue. If you cannot find coconut, just drink smoothies, fruit juice and vegetable juice which all not consist of acid and too much sugar.

Besides, chilled herbal teas including green tea and daisy tea are also ideal for treating geographic tongue. The blacklist of drink we got here is simply to remember due to the names of unhealthy drink like the alcoholic and sugary beverages.

  1. Oil Pulling

You can get a lot of benefits from this oil pulling method such as white teeth, nice breath and removing the various color patches on the geographic tongue. In addition, oil pulling can remove toxins from your mouth as well as your body which aid you maintaining good oral health. Read now how to use oil pulling to treat your Geographic Tongue

Oil Pulling Treatment for Geographic Tongue

You can apply this method to any natural oil. For example, coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil all can be used. Prepare some of these natural oils and swish the oil around your mouth from 5 to 10 minutes. After that spit out all of the oil and then rinse your mouth with warm water.

It is highly noted that you do not swallow the oil. If you do want to have both nice tongue and white teeth, apply this method daily in the morning before your breakfast. You will be amazed at the results.

  1. Aloe Vera

Consisting of the healing properties and the anti-inflammatory, Aloe Vera is well known for its ability to treat different types of oral diseases effectively, including the geographic tongue. Furthermore, Aloevera will help you own nice breath.

Aloevera Treatment for Geographic Tongue

You can easily find Aloe Vera fresh leaves in the market to extract the Aloe Vera gel. After getting the gel, apply it on your geographic tongue and make sure it stays at least 10 minutes. Finally, rinse Aloe Vera gel off with warm water. You can repeat this home remedy a few times per day, up to 3 times daily if needed.

Geographic tongue home remedies tips with Aloevera

Use Aloe Vera to cure your geographic tongue

If you want to get a more effective result, also rinse your mouth with Aloe Vera juice from 2 to 3 times per day. This is the bonus tip for your geographic tongue and also for your skin. If you drink Aloe Vera juice usually, you will not complain about your tongue and your skin anymore.

We hope the selected tips above will help you how to recover from geographic tongue quickly and effectively.

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This article is written by Jenny Heth – Senior Editor of “Authority Remedies”.

Jenny is the apprentice at Nutrition Society of Australia after finishing her bachelor degree of Human Nutrition at La Trobe University. She is also pursuing her master degree of Food Science at University of Melbourne. With the great passion for nutrition and healthy diet, her future is brighter than ever in becoming one of the finest nutritionists and dietitians.

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