Top 9 Benefits of Walking Daily


Advantages of Walking Daily

Present-day technologies and developments overwhelmingly focus on increasing the comfort at every possible stage of life and are reducing any sort of human effort involved; Be it as simple as cutting vegetables to heavy load works of lifting cars and vehicles. For the better or worse, these developments have started to decay the health of the people.

Benefits of Walking Daily

Most of us are becoming mostly chair bound and sedentary. Physical activities are seldom done in extremes. It is either done to get body packs or not done at all. Because of the increased mental stress and reduced personal time, most people choose to skip any sort of exercise, slipping into the comfort zone.

A number of studies conducted across the world, to track the transition of the health among the adults between ages 22-40, have shown that the percentage increase in the risk of diabetes, heart attacks, and cancer has increased profusely compared to the 10 years older generation crowd.

This is largely because of bad food habits coupled with less/no physical activity. This alarming result urges the younger generation to adopt a healthier lifestyle to overcome the current hazardous trend.

You can begin to improve your day by incorporating lighter activities and increasing it over time.

Since ages, the results have shown that walking is by large, the best and subtle physical activity. The pace of walking can vary with practice. Walking is basic and doesn’t cause major muscle tears or risk stress on your heart like most of the gym techniques or other pounding exercises does.

You can slowly pick up walking as a major exercise and see miraculous results.

To begin with, start walking every day for 10 minutes continuously at regular intervals. Increase this to 30 minutes at a stretch. For walking to show impactful results, you have to walk continuously for more than 30mins a day. By doing this for 3 months without breaking in between, you can see improved health in various measures.

Below are some of the best uses of walking.

1. Reduces Obesity

According to statistics, 1/3rd of the world population is obese. Obesity is the root cause of all deadly diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart attacks. Walking is a magical remedy to decrease obesity gradually.

Walk every day for an hour briskly and see the results in 3 months. Walking gives an exercise to all the parts of your body. Brisk walk consumes a lot of energy, demanding more energy supply.

This instant energy is generated by burning the stored fat to proteins which act as energy cells to the body. This process cuts down the extra fat and brings the body to its shape.

2. Reduces the risk of Diabetes

Walking pushes the body to use the stored fat and converts the available blood sugar to energy. This leads to reduced obesity which in turn controls the blood sugar

3. Fights Cancer

Cancer is a result of a sedentary lifestyle for a prolonged period of time. Walking has proven to reduce body fat and hence reducing the risk of cancer.

Walking is found helpful in reducing the side effects of chemotherapy for cancer patients according to a study. It is also said to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

4. Reduced risk of BP and Heart attack

Walking for longer intervals help reduce the high blood pressure. Bad fat is the basic cause of high BP, as it constricts the blood vessels increasing the pressure at which blood flows to the heart. A brisk walk helps in burning the bad fat, hence controlling the blood pressure.

Besides, walking is said to reduce LDL cholesterol which is responsible for blocking arteries, hence reducing the risk of heart attack.

top 9 Benefits of Walking Daily

5. Delays Aging

Walking improves the blood circulation in the body. Improved blood supply helps in skin rejuvenation and enhances the strength of bones and muscles. Increased blood supply boosts the oxygen supply to each cell of the body which in turn increases the cell activity.

Collectively, all these changes delay aging signs and aging effects on the body.

6. Improves Memory

As walking is an overall body activity, it increases the blood circulation. Higher the blood supply to the organs, higher is their efficiency. So is the brain. Improved blood supply, hence oxygen supply to the brain, activates the nerve endings and hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for memory consolidation.

Besides improving the memory, it also activates your brain to function overall more efficiently. Walking every day makes you more productive and creative. You will feel more energized to do things than before. Your fatigue resistance seems to improve exponentially.

7. Uplifts Mood

Brisk walking is said to release dopamine and serotonin in the body with increased blood circulation. These are the happy hormones of our body. Hence walking uplifts your mood and you start to look at life more positively.

It is also said to reduce the stress hormone in the body. Releasing stress is an essential part of uplifting your mood to sunshine.

8. mproves lung capacity

While you are walking you tend to breathe in more oxygen compared to when you are not. An increased volume of air exchange happening between your lungs and the external environment automatically increases the lung capacity.

Positive oxygen supply to body enhances the immune system and stamina. Both of which are signs of health improvement.

9. Helps in Digestion

Walking after meals helps in digestion greatly. Since walking gives some exercise to the body organs, it draws more energy to continue doing the same. This drives the rate of digestion.

Complementing to this, improved blood circulation releases surplus digestive enzymes and enhances the digestion rate. This keeps body active and free from diseases, as indigestion is the parent to all chronic diseases.

Walking overall is an excellent exercise, which takes care of the complete body health. Apart from internally helping the body, it also gives you a reason to come out of your dungeon and face some sun and fresh air.

You will also tend to become a more social animal, once you start going out on walk regularly.

Hope you take this up seriously and start and manage your walking schedule!

Stay fit… Stay healthy!

Article: Top 9 Benefits of Walking Daily

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