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Top 10 Foods We Eat At Wrong Hours That Harm Our Health


10 Foods We Eat At Wrong Hours That Harm Our Health

In the modern life, sometimes people seem to highly focus on their work and ignore other factors around them, even eating. There is a famous quote “you are what you eat.” Eating not only is the consumption of the food but also the most significant factors deciding your health. However, recently, some people only eat when they are hungry to fulfill their hunger without thinking about how good or bad these foods are. Continue your reading of Online Health Portal‘s article on how healthy foods will resulting harm to your health if taken at wrong hours.

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Therefore, in this writing today, we will show you the top 10 foods we eat at wrong hours that harm our health. Keeping reading this article to understand more and especially avoid wrong eating habits.

1. Bananas

Banana is one of the most common fruits nowadays with a large number of health benefits. Banana is rich in vitamin B6, so it becomes a great tool to help you produce the red blood cells, remove the harmful chemicals from the liver, maintain the healthy nervous system, etc. Besides, it has many positive impacts on other health aspects such as the blood pressure, digestion, collagen production, etc.

Especially for the pregnant women, this fruit will meet their baby’s requirements to grow in the best way. Furthermore, eating banana can give you more energy in a day as well as reduce cholesterol level and fats. The doctor suggests you eat about two bananas a day to maintain the good health.

However, sometimes eating bananas brings adverse impacts if you consume at the wrong time. You should avoid eating banana at night as it can boost the estrogen levels. Furthermore, you can face up with indigestion, gas or heartburn before going to bed. Therefore, it is a good idea to consume the bananas in the morning or the noon to get the best results.

2. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a great food with many necessary nutrients. According to the statistics, in a 100-gram bar of the dark chocolate, people find 11 grams of fiber, 67% of RDI for iron, 98% of RDI for manganese, and many other beneficial components. They have many good impacts on reducing blood pressure, protecting the skin, improving the brain function, etc. In some special occasions, it also acts as the ideal gift for your lovers and family members.

Notwithstanding, it is not a good idea to eat the dark chocolate before bedtime. Containing a large amount of caffeine, sugar, and calories, dark chocolate can make you difficulty in sleeping tightly at night. Moreover, if you forget to brush your teeth, you will end up with tooth pain, cavity, and routs soon. In case you are on a diet to lose weight, avoid the dark chocolate immediately.

If not, the way to a perfect body seems to be very long with you. However, in case you are really into the dark chocolate or have nothing to eat at night, you can make a glass of low-fat chocolate milk by adding a tablespoon of chocolate to ½ cup of milk.

3. Orange Juice

Orange juice is one of the most well-like drinks with people of all ages. Being the home of many nutrients such as vitamin C, mineral, calories, protein, etc., orange can help to improve the blood circulation, boost the production of cholesterol, prevent cancer or kidney stone, and so on. Moreover, the antioxidant properties in this juice will bring you smooth skin without any dark spots or wrinkles.

However, if you consume the excessive amount of orange juice, it can lead to some health problems such as nausea, vomiting, digestion, etc. Furthermore, if you drink this juice on your empty stomach in the morning, it will be very unsafe. Orange juice contains a large amount of sugar; thus, if you drink it instantly before breakfast, it will cause many digestive problems. Instead of that, let’s take a glass of this juice one to two hours after the meal.

4. Milk

Drinking milk is a common habit of people of all ages. The Ayurveda consider milk the best ingredient for your health. The scientists found 146 calories, 8 grams of fat, 13 grams of carbohydrates, and 8 grams of protein in a cup of milk. It also plays an essential role in improving the bone and reducing the chances of getting osteoporosis. Moreover, the vitamin D in milk can build the muscle, remove the depression and even prevent cancer.

But, the time you drink milk will affect a lot on the nutrients intake. According to the Ayurveda, it is not suitable to drink milk in the morning as it can lead to some digestive problems. In contrast, the old will receive many positive effects if they drink milk in the evening since it can relieve the pain from the kidney stones.

Notably, everyone can be beneficial from gulping the milk down at night because it will give you a better sleep by removing all the exhaustion or tiredness during a day. But, remember to drink them before about 2 hours before you go to bed.

5. Cherry

Cherry is the most favorite fruit nowadays. There are an enormous number of reasons that you should eat more and more cherry. Thanks to the antioxidant properties, cherry will be a smart choice for those with the Arthritis and aging signs. Besides, people can reduce the risks of serious diseases such as stroke, heart diseases, diabetes by eating more cherries. For those desiring to reduce the belly fat, tart cherries can be a worth fruit for them.

Nevertheless, eating cherries in the afternoon or evening is not a good idea because it can make you feel sleepy and distract you from paying attention to the work or study. Absorbing a large number of cherries also leads to indigestion. Moreover, you should avoid eating the seed of cherries. It is reported that there was a man in an emergency only because of consuming the cherry seeds.
6. Green Tea

Green tea is made from Camellia sinensis leaves, which has a large number of health benefits. The experts proved that green tea would help you repel some categories of cancer such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, etc. thanks to the antioxidant properties. In terms of dental health, green tea can also be your savior by killing most bacteria as well as lowering the infection in your mouth.

So, how to drink green tea in a right way? Bear in mind that drinking green tea in the morning on an empty stomach can straightforwardly lead to the acidity. As a replacement for that, you can enjoy a cup of lukewarm water and fennel seeds. Furthermore, if you have just finished taking the prescription medications, avoid drinking green tea too. The doctors also suggest that pregnant women should not drinking green tea since the caffeine and tonic presenting in it may cause adverse impacts on the fetus.

7. Yogurt

Yogurt has been one of the most common probiotic foods for many years. A tremendous number of nutrients which our body needs such as calcium, vitamin B, D, protein, etc are found in yogurt. According to some statistics, a cup of yogurt contains 8% of phosphorus, 12% of magnesium and 18% of potassium for daily need. With these nutrients, yogurt can help to boost people’s digestion, immune system, heart health, and even the weight management.

To obtain all excellent supplements, it is vital for people to consume it in an appropriate time. Scientists suggest not eating yogurt at night because it can bring about cough or mucus formation. Moreover, it may lead to the acidity and some other digestive problems.

8. Rice

Rice is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, so it helps to boost the production of the red blood cell and reduce many risk diseases. Moreover, it will bring you strong bones to maintain good health and do best at work.

It was pointed out that digesting rice is straightforward. However, this fact sometimes becomes the disadvantage. If you consume a bowl of rice at night and in the next morning, you can fell the starvation because there is nothing or only a small amount of nutrients in the stomach during the night. As a result, you should avoid eating rice before going to bed. Instead of that, let’s give a try to something which is difficult to digest such as the high-fiber foods like oats, nuts, wholegrain bread and so on.

9. Apple

Nobody feels strange with the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. By this sentence, you can partly comprehend the importance of apple in our daily life. That is one of the reasons why apple becomes a common fruit in the world. This fruit is especially good for weight loss, heart health, diabetes, gut bacteria promotion, etc.

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10 Foods – Don’t Eat At Wrong Hours That Harm Our Health

Nevertheless, it is vital to know that people should not eat the apples in the evening or at night. After consuming it, you can feel a little bit of discomfort in the stomach because of the increase in the acid level. Furthermore, the pectin in apples may cause some digestive issues. Conversely, the doctors suggest eating an apple in the breakfast or lunch to eliminate the carcinogens and prevent constipation.

Above are nine common foods and their accurate eating time. The greatest wealth is health; therefore, it is very vital to pay attention to the information above. Hopefully, you can follow and get the maximum health benefits when consuming these foods. If you have any queries, feel free to comment on the box below. All content provided is for informational and educational purposes. We recommend you consult a healthcare professional to determine which method is appropriate for you.

Article: Top 10 Foods We Eat At Wrong Hours That Harm Our Health

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