Pediatric Dentist in Ny

Why is Pediatric Dentist better than a Normal One?


Pediatric Dentist Who is he. Is he a normal doctor?

There are lots of people all around the world who still don’t know the difference between a normal dentist and pediatric dentist, the one who handles the dental problems of children. Many parents in the US still take their children to a family dentist because they think that he can treat the child as he knows the family very well.

But there are quite a few who know the real difference of a pediatric dentist and a normal orthodontist. So they take their child to an experienced child orthodontist who has the skills and knowledge to treat better.

Pediatric Dentist in Ny

Who is a Pediatric Dentist?

Several people are of the view that a child’s dentist is someone with dental skills that can cure dental problems of children. Most of it is true but the part where they think that he is an ordinary dentist is a big mistake.

A pediatric dentist is an orthodontist who has the skills and education to handle the problems concerning dental issues of kids. They are experts to manage and treat children from the ages of 6 months to 10-12 years. Everything about the pediatric orthodontist is different from other dentists.

What a Normal Dentist does?

A normal dentist is someone who is trained to manage dental problems concerning adults. The practice of dentistry was very common in France as well as China in the very early period of time. They were called barbers and divided into two categories; guild and lay barbers. The guild barbers were performing complicated procedures while lay ones are who were entrusted with the oral hygiene of ordinary people.

Similarities in Duties:

Both the pediatric orthodontists near me and ordinary dentists have duties similar as well as different at the same time. Both of these traits will be discussed but first, the similarities are the ones that need to be known.

Diagnostic Abilities:

Both types of dentists have the capability of identification of various dental diseases and issues. Various apparatus and devices are used for diagnosis and they are as followed;

  1. Dental probe
  2. Dental syringe
  3. Mouth mirror
  4. Anesthesia
  5. Spoon excavator
  6. Scaler
  7. Dental dill
  8. Burnisher
  9. X-ray
  10. Curette
  11. Mould
  12. Suction device

Education with Training:

The education and training of the dentists are almost the same. Both must acquire a bachelor degree in science fields and only after that they can have admission in any school of dentistry. Acquiring a license from any established dental association in the US is mandatory for all. Additional specialization can be obtained for further experience.

Suggested Treatments:

Many of the dental treatments suggested by a pediatric and ordinary dentist are the same. As the teeth are an important part of our body that helps in digesting food, it is crucial that various treatments are given to cure the dental problems face by people.

  1. Root canal treatment
  2. Crowns
  3. Scale and polish
  4. Fillings
  5. Bridges
  6. Wisdom tooth removal
  7. Braces
  8. Dental veneers
  9. Broken or knocked out tooth
  10. Dental implants
  11. Teeth whitening
  12. Dentures or false teeth
  13. Preventive Dentistry:

Another vital duty of dentists is to spread awareness in the people about oral hygiene. Many of the dentists educate the parents, teachers and caregivers on how to ensure that people take care of their teeth. Different seminars and workshops are arranged to educate the general public on maintaining oral hygiene.

The dentists at Pediatric Dentist Tulsa; like many others work side by side with parents, teachers and other doctors to make sure that the child’s dental health is at first priority.

The difference in Jobs of a Pediatric Dentist and a Normal one:

Now the differences in jobs that pediatric dentist do compare with a typical dentist will be debated. The below mentioned distinctive characteristics make both the variety dentists apart from each other;

More Experience:

A pediatric orthodontist needs to have more experience because the special skills are needed to handle a child in a clinic. As the teeth and gums of children are sensitive, special care is needed for their treatment.

Special Education:

After the dentist has acquired a degree in dentistry and a license, he can practice normal orthodontics but in order to heal the dental problems of a child, the dentist must specialize in pediatric dentistry. There are several dentistry schools that provide courses for dentists to train for pediatric dental treatment.

Distinctive Tools:

The child dentist has to use specific tools and equipment for children. Any sharp equipment can damage the fragile nature of the teeth and gums. Another point that the dentists must note is that the tools must not scare the child because he could avoid coming due to the harshness of the apparatus.

Friendly Atmosphere:

Children feel comfortable when they are in a friendly and livable environment. The dentists must have a welcoming attitude. No child will feel comfortable in the presence of a rude and arrogant dentist.

Different medication used:

Curing dental pains and infections of adults with normal medication is the best but same medicines can’t be used for children. Mild prescriptions are given as the whole body system of a child is fragile.

By now you must have known the differences and similarities between a normal and a pediatric dentist. It will be easy now for you to decide whether to take your child to a family dentist or someone who has the training to handle your child’s dental problems.

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