neck pain home remedies treatment

Neck Pain: How to Massage a Neck to Relieve Stiffness


Suffering from a Neck pain?

Want to get rid of neck pain and stiffness?

Massage a Neck: Learn How to Get Relief from Stiffness

The Dummies’ Guide to Massage a Neck to Relieve Stiffness

Is it really possible for one to eliminate tensions in the neck?

This question is answered with a resounding yes.

neck pain home remedies treatment

Neck pain causes, symptoms, home remedies treatment

Tensions in the neck are caused, as the name implies, by a tense musculature and you may do something to counteract the discomforts yourself. On the present page, I show you which muscles are often responsible for neck pain and how you will manage it.

How to Massage a Neck to Relieve Stiffness and Neck Pain

Searching for Step-by-Step Guide to Neck Pain and Stiffness Relief

Are You A Victim of Neck Pain – Never Suffer From neck pain Again. How to Avoid it?

Above all, the musculature of the neck and shoulder are responsible for stresses that reach a sore neck and torticollis. Self-massage represents a good form of treatment.

With it, you can relax affected muscles and, therefore, relieve pains.

Why does self-massage work?  The Intermediate Guide to Massage A Neck To Relieve Stiffness

When he massages the nape of his neck, he is “communicating” with his nervous system.

The nervous system is the control station of your body, and therefore also controls muscle tone.

Massaging tense and painful regions, the brain is understood to decrease muscle tone in the corresponding area. In this way it is possible to alleviate the pain and tensions.

Eliminate neck pain and neck strain: Which regions do you need to massage?

Here is how to massage a neck to relieve stiffness like a Physiotherapy professional. In order to eliminate the stresses, it will concentrate mainly in two zones that is to say in the nape and the shoulder.

Both regions represent an inseparable unit in case of tensions in the neck, since they are communicated by several muscles and, therefore, they influence each other. It means that too high a muscle tone in the shoulder can extend to the nape of the neck and vice versa.

In addition, there are trigger points in the shoulder muscles that can cause pain in the neck.

What the Oxford English Dictionary Doesn’t Tell You About Massage A Neck To Relieve Stiffness

The tensions of our day to day we accumulate them in our cervical. There are those who are more aware of this overload and possible pain and who is less. But if someone offers to give us a massage on our neck, we are all willing to receive it regardless of the pain we may notice in our neck.

But to relieve neck pain, we do not have to wait for someone to give us a massage; but we ourselves can do a massage. Keep reading this article and you will know how to massage your neck.

Why It’s Easier to Succeed with Massage a Neck to Relieve Stiffness than you Might Think

Instructions: – A Step-by-Step Guide to Massage A Neck To Relieve Stiffness

  1. The first thing you have to do is sit on a chair and mobilize and stretch your cervical a bit, through the exercises we tell in the article how to stretch the muscles of the neck. This way you will prepare this area and relax it.
  2. Before giving the massage, you have to put some cream or oil at the tips of your fingers and rub them between them to heat the product used.
  3. Place both hands in the form of “L” each on each side of your spine. Holding hands horizontally on your shoulders and your fingers looking inward (towards your spine) and parallel to your shoulders. Down and are placed a little more anterior respect to the other four fingers of the hand.
  4. You have to use the bud or tip of your fingers to massage your neck. The movement has to go from top to bottom, i.e. from the base of your head to your shoulders. It is a circular movement made with the yolk of your fingers in the different parts of the posterior part of your neck. Done on both sides at once.
  5. Then place the fingertips of your fingers on both hands at the base of your head, on both sides of your neck and through a pressure you have to pull the skin of the neck upwards. As if you would stretch it. The pressure must be maintained for 10 seconds and you have to repeat the movement 3 times.
  6. Then you have to apply a circular motion at the base of your head using the tips of the fingers of both hands. You have to start in the central part of your neck and move your hands towards the ears and finish the massage in the area around the ears.
  7. To finish massaging your neck, make scrubs increasingly shallow with the tips of your fingers across the surface of your neck.

Which massage tool is recommended? – A Beginner’s Guide to Neck Pain Relief

You can massage the neck-shoulders region with your fingers, with a massage ball or with the Trigger Fairy. The massage with the fingers is very effective. However, only if you have strong fingers that do not tire fast.

If not, you will get pain and overload on your fingers and hands very fast. Therefore, you have to be very careful. With the massage ball, it is possible to massage the shoulder in a favorable and intense way.

The top of the neck can be worked “more or less” well. However, he would have to lean against the wall and twist a little.

With the Trigger Fairy, you can massage the entire neck-shoulder region without having to stand up.

It is very practical when you are in the office or if you are sitting at home in the armchair.

In the following, I will teach you the massage with the Trigger Fairy.

Those of you who do not own a Trigger Fairy will find a description of finger massage and massage ball in the form of text, image, and video at the bottom of the page.

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