home remedies for lower back pain

Lower Back Pain Relief Tips: Learn How to Cure Back Pain


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Lower back is one of the most important parts in vertebrae and located at the end part. The lower back part of vertebrae is along with lumbar spine, ligaments, bones, discs, and nerves etc. All these parts help in attaching and serving in different functions for pelvic body parts and body movements, supporting various main body functions.

home remedies for lower back pain

Whenever this lumbar area receives high pressure or old age effect or any severe injuries to the lower vertebral column; the lower back pain occurs.

Causes of Lower back pain

There are two types of causes of back pain exists. Namely, they are:

  1. Unknown causes of back pain
  2. Known causes of back pain

Unknown Causes of Back pain

In this case, the main causes of back pain are unclear. The main symptoms of back pain are ranging from discomfort to severe pain in the short term. In some cases, low back pain is ranging from discomfort to severe pain in the long term.

Known Causes of Back pain

In this case, a lot of causes of back pain exists. Namely, they are:

Strained muscles
Strained ligaments
Muscle spasm
Muscle tension
Damaged disks
Ruptured disks
Bulging disks
Abnormal curvature of the spine
Kidney stones
Kidney infections
Poor posture
Standing or sitting for long periods
Long driving sessions
Cauda equina syndrome
Cancer of the spine
Infection of the spine
Pelvic inflammatory disease
Urinary bladder
Sleep disorders
Abdominal aneurysm
Ankylosing spondylitis
Accidents to the vertebral column

cure for lower back pain

Risk factors of Lower back pain

Lower back pain is having a lot of risk factors. Find here the Risk factors of Lower back pain.

Occupational activities
Sedentary lifestyle
Poor physical fitness
Older age
Excess weight
Strenuous physical exercise
Strenuous work
Genetic factors
Hormonal changes

When to Consult Orthopedic doctor or Specialist

The regular symptoms of lower back pain are easily diagnosed and treated medically. It is the time to consult the doctor for lower back pain treatment when you having the following symptoms:

When you having severe back pain with known or unknown causes,
When you have sudden fractures or injuries to lower vertebrae,
When you have numbness or tingling,
When your home remedies for back pain not working out.

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low back pain treatment

Tips for Lower Backache

Most episodes of lower back pain are self-limited. Hence, doctors advise their patients to employ a specially designed back care schedule under the guidance of an orthopedic or physiotherapy professional. This needs to be practiced on their own at home, especially during the early course of low back pain.

Care Plan for Low Back Pain

Under most conditions, a do-it-yourself back care plan for low back pain must encompass one or a combination of the following treatment options:

– A short duration of rest. This must be limited to only around one to two days.

– Pain medications including NSAIDs such as ibuprofen and/or acetaminophen.

– Application of heat pads or ice.

– Application of both heat and ice alternatively on the lower back to decrease inflammation.

– Soothing ice baths.

Types of lower back pain

One of the most commonly recommended types of lower back pain care plans includes slow mobilization and gentle stretching. Once the patient gets back to normal daily activities and functions, the episodes of lower back pain usually get better.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Are you feeling Lower Back Pain?

Lower Back Care – Other Forms


Walking is considered to be an excellent exercise for low back pain. It is gentle on the back and facilitates with supplying fresh oxygen to the soft tissues in the back for stimulating a healing response. In case, walking becomes painful and difficult to bear, other therapies will be recommended.

Water Therapy

This is a technique of exercising in the water. Also known as pool therapy, most patients can tolerate this kind of exercise. The back care schedule is typically beneficial for lower back pain. Since the water counteracts gravity, the activity has facilitated ample support to the body weight of patients in a controlled fashion.

Sitting Upright

Practice sitting upright in an office chair and while driving. Most people suffer from back pain because they work while sitting in the office for long hours. This often aggravates low back pain. Sitting for long hours puts excess pressure on the back three times more than standing.

When you practice sitting in a reclined position, the pressure on the lower back is relieved. This is also the most comfortable position for patients suffering from episodes of back pain in the lower back (lumbar spine).

lower back pain treatment

Learn how to cure back pain fast at home

When to See a Medical Professional for Lower Back Care

In case, you notice that lower back pain symptoms do not go on their own (within a week or two) immediate medical attention should be sought. The patient may visit a primary care doctor of the patient or an experienced chiropractor.

The assessment usually starts with a history of the low back pain of the patient. The doctor may also ask the following questions to the patient:

Where is the Back pain?

– Do you experience lower back pain or more leg pain?

– What is the duration of each pain episode?

– How long has the pain been present?

– What makes the lower back pain better?

– What makes the low back pain worse?

– What back pain care and methods have been tried in the past?

– Have you experienced other episodes of lower back pain?

The doctor will undertake a physical exam to assess nerve function and motion in the lower back of the patient. Certain diagnostic studies, including an X-ray will be recommended to assess the anatomy of the patient’s spine in detail. This helps doctors to determine the specific type of back care.

Initial Back Care and Help for Lower Back Pain

The health care provider will combine the following information from the patient to recommend the best course of the back care plan to treat the condition:

– History

– Physical exam

– Diagnostic studies

Generally, doctors recommend conservative (non-surgical) treatments for the low back pain to treat patients at initial stages.

In the event conservative back care plan fails to show results, back surgery may arise as a reasonable option to try for curing the lower back pain.

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