natural remedies for hair growth

How to Reduce Hair Fall and Increase Hair Growth


In the human body, hair is known to be the best sign of beauty, especially in women. Men always wanted to see long and healthy hair of their women. However, nowadays, it is quite difficult to get healthy hair. Who else is scared of losing hair? Of course, everyone, because nowadays, all are suffering from the fear that they will lose their hair with the passage of time.

natural remedies for hair growth

Hair loss is one of the most common problems worldwide. It is affecting one-third population. If we talk about today’s generation, then we will find that everyone is busy inexpensive hair treatment.

Get rid of that expensive chemical that you use in your hair for treatment. It has been found that most hair falls because of stress and dandruff. It’s time to use some home remedies for hair that you can apply for healthy and strong hair. You have to follow these solutions properly for the rapid growth of your hair.


One of the most effective ways of reducing hair fall and increasing its growth is the egg mask. What you have to do is crack the egg, remove the yolk and apply the white mask to your hair. Keep it for almost 15 minutes and then watch your hair. It will definitely increase the shine of your hair and it will rapidly make the hair growth healthy and strong.


Egg, honey and olive oil is known to be the best mixture for the hair growth. Make a paste of white egg, one-teaspoon honey, and olive oil and apply it on your hair for almost 20 minutes. Then wash it first with water and then apply shampoo to rid away the smell. It will give a great shine to your long and healthy hair.


Take a cup of coconut oil; it should depend on the length of your hair. Then take seven to eight fresh curry leaves and then boil it together. Don’t let burn the leaves, just boiled it and apply it on your hair. You have to use it twice in a week for the rapid growth of your hair.


Potatoes are one of the best natural remedies for the immediate growth of your hair and help you to reduce the chances of hair loss. Take one and a half cup of potato juice in a bowl. Add a teaspoon of honey, little water, and one egg yolk, and then mix it together. Apply it on your hair and after 30 minutes, you can wash it with the shampoo.


Onion juice is also a great source to increase the growth of the hair. The best thing is that its smell is not long lasting, it can easily rid out after the one wash. You just have to cut the onion in few slices and take out its juice then apply it on your hair. It will give you the best growth of hair and reduce hair loss.


As we all are aware that green tea is really good for weight loss, you will love to know that green tea is also perfect to increase hair growth. What you have to do is apply warm green tea from the used bag at least for the hour to see the result. You have to wash it off with the cool water.


Aloe Vera is also known as the best remedy for the hair growth and reducing of hair fall. You can use the gel of Aloe Vera on your hair to make it more silky, shiny and healthy. Wash it just after few minutes for the quick results.


Many people also apply the yogurt in their hair for the softness in their hair. You can apply it with the oil and the paste the egg mask to reduce the hair loss and immediate growth of the hair. You can apply it for 25 to 30 minutes for the great long hair.

These some remedies are really good for the best results of immediate hair growth that are healthy plus lengthy. As many of the love long hair because it increases the allure of the personality, so you can also apply the remedies on your hair, which are not much expensive and easy to use like the clothing from Mens Varsity Jacket.

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