cucumber health benefits

Health Benefits of Cucumbers – Find now Cucumber health facts, Nutritional Values


Health Benefits of Cucumbers

Pick a cool cuke and pop it into your shopping bag. Felicitations. You have bought yourself a fruit full of health. It is a misconception about Cucumber that it is a vegetable, while it is a fruit since it bears the plant’s seeds and develops from the ovary of a flowering plant. Now have a look at the health benefits of Cucumbers.

How Cucumber is Good for Health

A Bright and Glowing Complexion

One of the health benefits of cucumber is that it gives a bright and glowing complexion. You must be aware of the fact that cucumber is enriched with silica which helps develop strong and healthy connective tissues in the tendons, muscles, cartilage, bones, and ligaments. Now you know why doctors recommend cucumber juice to the patients.

cucumber health benefits

The silica content found in the cucumber is responsible for creating a bright as well as a healthy skin. Apart from that, cucumber is rich with water, and we know that moisture is a friend to healthy skin.

Cucumber is also used in treating a plenty of skin ailments, including swelling and sunburn. There are two acids, namely, caffeic acid and ascorbic acid that are responsible for preventing water loss from the body that is why they are called as vital compounds.

Prevents Constipation and Keeps Kidneys Healthy

One of the other health benefits of cucumber is that it keeps kidneys healthy and prevents constipation. Cucumbers are considered a perfect mixture of water and fiber. This is the reason why they help protect our body from kidney stones and constipation.

When we drink cucumber juice, we consume both water and fiber at the same time, which keeps us strong and healthy. According to a report, a great many Americans like to consume a cucumber rich salad on a daily basis as it increases their fiber intake.

Cucumber is also considered an excellent source of silica, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin C. Cucumber also contains water in a higher quantity along with vitamin A, making it easier for you to stay healthy.

Controls Blood Pressure

One of the health benefits of Cucumber is that it controls blood pressure. There are many studies that are done at DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) which consists of people consuming foods high in fiber, potassium, and magnesium.

These studies revealed that those who consume Cucumbers have normal blood pressure, while those who don’t consume Cucumbers have high blood pressure.

The group eating a diet enriched with these complexes and other foods like lean meat, low-fat dairy items, seafood, and poultry observed that their blood pressure dropped down to 5.5 points (systolic) over 3.0 points (diastolic).

Manage Diabetes

One of the other health benefits of Cucumber is that it helps you manage diabetes. It basically has a hormone that is required by the beta cells during the production of insulin.

Can you believe that the glycemic index of cucumbers is zero? Glycemic index basically measures the quantity of carbohydrates in the body since carbohydrates contribute in increasing the glucose level, but the carbohydrates present in cucumber are digested by the diabetic patients very easily, which shows that cucumbers play a vital role in managing diabetes.

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