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Gym Effects on Health


Gym Workout Results and Effects on Health

Effects of a gym on health fitness improvement

Are there any effects of gym workout on health and physical fitness improvement?

What is the importance of exercise in our life?

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Importance of Exercise in our Life

It is no doubt that health is every man’s and woman’s topmost priority and we all like to take extreme care of it. All the way from one’s birth, their health is a primary concern. Different stages of life bring different issues to one’s health.

When we are kids, building and maintaining a strong immunity system is the goal. We are fed nutritive foods to ensure that our insides are properly built and strong in nature. Negligence at this stage can have disastrous effects later on.

Why do we and our children need to exercise

For this reason, parents play an integral role in our lives, through being the ones who build our health when we are at our weakest. At this delicate phase in life, enough physical time has to be allowed, even encouraged.

This helps to create a need of working out late in life and helps to avoid the development of lazy habits in children. Apart from these, hundreds of other factors have to be taken into account too. However, when the children grow up, things become different.


When children transform into adolescents and teenagers, a profound change occurs. Your children are suddenly more confident and take control of their health. For most parents, this can be a disturbing or at least a worrying stage in the life of their children.

Even though most parents dread this change in their children, they should realize that it is natural and should be supported unconditionally. This is the age when boys and girls realize that their body needs to be taken care of.


Now different children take different approaches to complete this task. While running/jogging or sports are the best way to do this, some take up the gym, and this has unprecedented negative impacts on their body and later, life. Gyms were not made for 13 and 14-year-olds.

The worst part is that these teenagers do not see the damage they are doing to themselves. Another popular reason for teenagers joining gyms, as can be expected from teenagers, is the need to LOOK good.

When teenagers join gyms and get involved in weightlifting to get “cut” arms and legs, or “ripped” pecs and abs; that is where the trouble starts.

Health benefits of exercise and physical activity

It is only fair to say that not all types of gym activities are dangerous to health. Cardio and treadmills benefit the somewhat restless teenage body. Apart from the physical benefit, it also has a positive psychological effect. The effort put in suggests that they are doing something productive in their life and this raises self-esteem.

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Effects of the gym workout

However, there is a strong chance that if you send your children to the gym for cardio et cetera, they will be enticed by the buff bodies of other members of the gym take up some form of weightlifting to be buffed up and that, as mentioned, is not good for them.

Weight-lifting and whatnot may lead not only to short-term damage like injuries but long-term growth hampering as natural bone and muscle growth is interfered with.

One of the most observed effects of the early gym on children is short height (this means problems especially for males). I have friends whose arms and stomach are beautiful to look at, but they barely reach my shoulders in height.

All those who go for an early gym regret it in the end and are not always able to compensate for their loss of height or development. Short height is a prominent feature in gold medalists in the lifting field. Therefore, the decision of the early gym only benefits those who are aiming to take up bodybuilding and lifting as a career.

When exercising you should

Another negative impact on your body of the gym is that after you quit, you tend to put on weight and the body no longer exerts physically as it used to. This effect is compounded by the fact that most people take up the gym with the goal of losing weight. So be careful about why you are going to the gym.

If the gym is going to hurt your weight, in the end, I suggest you stay away. Your heart is also hurt by the gym. Those who leave gyms after having gone for a while experience a decline in cardiovascular wellness. This could be because of the hard work the heart is subjected to during the gym sessions.


A practical problem to the gym that we fail to see is the added chance of your child getting into drugs, steroids and protein shake. Although these shakes have no immediate effect, they can lead to amass gain in the future.

For quicker build-up of muscles, gym trainers prescribe such treatments. Even if the harmful of these are illegal, gym trainers have their contacts to get supplies in case needed.

There is also a type of social pressure involved that if all your gym-mates are taking steroids (secretively of course), then why shouldn’t you? On top of that, these things are extortionately expensive.

Therefore, if you are allowing your children to take up these activities, then you had better be ready to open your wallet. If not, you might find them resorting to criminal activities like stealing to arrange this cash as the mentioned products can be addictive in nature.

In conclusion, readers, be aware of your children taking up gym as it comes with a hundred of possible side effects. When your child asks to start a gym, educate yourself about what they could to your children. Always ensure that there are no shady activities going on behind the scene.

You (teenagers) should also try to keep your physical age in check with the chronological age and try not to build your body too much before your time comes. So even though gyms are practically built to improve a health’s society, which is not what they are necessarily doing.

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