Exercising with Back Pain – A Gentle Therapy that Helps Strengthen your Back and ensures Pain Relief


Exercising with Back Pain – Strengthen your Back and Ensures Pain Relief

Exercising with Back Pain – A Gentle Therapy that Helps Strengthen your Back and ensures Pain Relief

Exercise is usually an integral part of lower back pain treatment plan. However, most patients face difficulty in exercising with back pain. So what can be done when your lower back pain makes it tough to exercise?

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Prior to following any tips or forcing yourself into an activity, “consult with orthopedic surgeons for back pain”.

Although no single remedy works for everyone, here is brief information on gentle water therapy treatment for lower back pain. Many patients have benefited from the therapy:

Get Water therapy treatment services to relief from lower back pain

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Very Gentle on Lower Back

The physical properties of water allow patients to undergo water therapy, exercise plan without any problem. This therapy minimizes weight placed on the spine. The buoyancy of the water supports the weight of a patient simply by counteracting the force of gravity.

Another benefit of exercising in water is that it minimizes your risk of injury due to unintended movements. It helps patients perform a greater range of movements.

Water therapy can be beneficial for the following conditions:

– Osteoarthritis (Initial stage)

– Diabetes

– Osteoporosis (Advanced stage)

– Muscle strain

Types of Water Therapy

Many different types of exercises can be performed in the water. Right from simple stretches to walking on a water-based treadmill, one can experiment with many different types of active exercises.

When it comes to treatment for back pain, there is no one-size-fits-all water therapy plan. Let your doctor prescribe specific exercises based on your specific condition and symptoms.

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Some of the common types of water therapy exercises include:

– Wall-facing leg stretches

– Low-impact aerobic exercise

– Knee-to-chest movements

– Leg raises movements

In many patients, water therapy helps as forming a base for kick-starting an exercise program. Soon they feel fit enough to switch to land-based exercises. Some stick to their water exercises for the long term.

If you try water therapy and feel it’s not your cup of tea, ride an exercise bike. You may even use an elliptical machine which is another very gentle exercise options for your lower back.

Who should avoid water therapy?

Water therapy is considered a very safe exercise option for lower back pain. However, it is best to avoid water therapy under the following conditions:

– Fever

– An Infection

– Severe heart failure

– Incontinence

Water therapy should be practiced only under the guidance of a highly qualified medical professional. An exception to this rule may be when the doctor prescribes a basic exercise for your condition; such as walking.

Although water therapy demands a lot of time and efforts, it is helpful in providing relief from lower back pain.

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