dental implants treatment

What You Should Know about Dental Implants


Looking to know more about dental implants?
Are you among the people who love to smile but don’t because of a broken tooth?

If yes, you don’t need to worry as dental implants are the solution to your problem. With the arrival of advanced dental implants and technologies, people don’t need to undergo any painful processes to keep up their smile in everyday life. Dental implants expained here, Read now!

Dental implants what are they

Dentists today offer various types of dental implants that can become a part of your daily life. The implants never make you feel worried about losing your teeth ever again. If you don’t know about dental implants, continue to read this article to know everything about dental implants.

What are Dental Implants?

dental implants treatment

All about dental implants

The dental implant, also known as a fixture or an endosseous implant is a metallic or ceramic dental surgical component that is fixed with jaw or skull bone to support a dental prosthesis. These implants need high strength and low reactivity material; hence they are made from ideal metals like titanium or some ceramics. The dental implant is also accompanied by an abutment that acts as a joint between the implant and the dental prosthetic.

The implant is the first part that placed into the jaw or skull bone for the osseointegration process. The implant bonds with the natural cells of the bone for stable placement of the prosthetic and after the healing is complete; other components are attached to it.

Types of Dental Implants

The dental implant highly depends on your bone strength and size. The bone structure often changes with time and age; therefore multiple types of implants were developed. Your dentist will conduct a series of test to find the implant that will work for your particular case before they get down with the procedure. There are mainly three types of dental implants:-

• Endosteal Implant

Types of Dental Implants

It is the most frequently used type of dental implant that involves drilling into the jaw bones placing an implant and then fixing a prosthetic on it. You can get it in a screw-like structure, called root for a vertical column of bone, or blades shape for the horizontal column of bone.

There are around 18 variants of root implant; all of them are titanium based, but with different shapes and surface texture.

There is no reliable piece of evidence, to prove that the smooth implants have less chance of Peri-implantitis, so, none of them is considered superior over the other, and you can get any one of them.

The American Dental Association have approved this process for being completely safe but the need for sufficient length, width and height of the bone to support the implant limits its usage.

• Subperiosteal Implant

Subperiosteal implant is your best defense if you have a severe amount of bone resorption or shallow bone area to support any endosteal implant. This implant focuses on the soft tissues of the jaw rather than the hard and offers a very flexible alternate against bone drilling.

In this process, the dentist will place a frame on your jaw bone rather than a single part into your bone. The structure has dedicated spikes that are visible even after the skin heals and these posts provide a base for prostatic.

The structure often covers a large area that makes it a suitable option, if you need multiple implants in the same area of your mouth.

• Zygomatic Implants

Zygomatic Implants

Most of you will find the solution for the gap between your teeth with the two traditional implants, but if you haven’t, you can go for the third and the rarest process.

Dental Implants South Morang adopt this process only when you don’t have enough jaw bone, as it is a very complicated process, and high skills are needed for it.

These implants are somewhat the same as the root implant but with a longer body length that can directly reach the zygomatic bones of your cheek. These long implants are accompanied by specially designed prostatic that have a fixing angle up to 45 degrees.

The fact that makes this process a better option is that it takes a lot less time to install them, as compared to the other two forms of dental implants.

Why Should You Get A Dental Implant?

The dental implants are the best long term solution for replacing your broken teeth. The prostatic is designed to match your natural tooth structure in color as well as shape to makes sure that you get the confident look you want.

The implants are low maintenance, and you don’t need to take any particular measure for them, all you need is regular oral care and a routine visit to a dentist twice a year.

The main advantage of using a dental implant is that it improves the overall health of your mouth, without affecting your comfort levels.

Final Words

The dental implants restore your natural smile and the self-esteem you lose with a broken tooth. It gives you a second chance to spread your beautiful smile and enjoy your favorite food without feeling the absence of your natural teeth. It’s something that will provide you with the same freedom and care, as your natural teeth did.

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