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Courses for Dental Nurses – What you Need to Know


Popular Courses for Dental Nurses – What you Need to Know

The field of dentistry has been rapidly expanding and cosmetic dentistry is booming in Australia thanks to the continuous development of new techniques and technologies. Dental nursing has also experienced a similar growth with the introduction of mandatory registration a few years ago helping change attitude towards dental nursing as a profession. Now there is a lot more respect for those in dental nursing careers and as a result, more students feel empowered to start a career in dental nursing. Continue your reading about Career Opportunities for Dental Nurses in Australia at this Health and Medical Advice Portal

online dental treatment - dental nurses training

Role of dental nurses

Dental nurses serve a very important role in dental health. They support dentists in every aspect of a patient’s dental care. They assist dentists in a wide range of procedures from preparing the various materials to ensuring that proper materials and equipment are available, cleaning and sterilizing the used instruments. Dental nurses are also authorized to give advice on dental health as they are registered with APHRA and have completed nursing bridging courses in Australia.

Some additional duties may include helping dentist record information about the patient’s oral health, processing radiography and stock control. A dental nurse’s duties may also include helping at the reception with making appointments, getting involved in the administration of the practice and collecting money. The roles undertaken by dental nurses depend on the individual practice and interests.

Why become a dental nurse?

There are various reasons for this. Some of them are explained here.

Great Career for Dental Nurses

If an individual does not possess many qualifications then dental nursing provides a way to develop a solid career and a way to obtain a valuable set of skills. Certain dental qualifications require no prior qualifications or knowledge opening up a possible career path for many people from a variety of different backgrounds.

Good Salary and Development for Dental Nurses

As compared to other caring professions dental nursing is well paid off and offers plenty of opportunity for continued training and development. This is great as with continuous development the dental nurse will get better experience and skill set and open avenues for more lucrative job options in the field.

Way to get away from shift work for Dental Nurses

Most dental nurses get to work in the standard operating hours that from 9 to 5. Although they may be required to work evenings or weekends if the practice is open outside these hours. Part-time work is also available depending on the needs of the practice which is a good option for those with children or those looking to get away from shift work.

Dental nurse training

There are several options for interested candidates to start training to become a dental nurse. However, it will require determination and commitment throughout the training period. Dental nurses must either hold a recognised qualification or be registered with APHRA or be working towards registration on an approved training course.

Career Opportunities for Dental Nurses

After gaining a qualification and getting yourself registered, there are various options available for further training, which allow dental nurses to undertake additional responsibilities. These include post-qualification certificates in radiography and conscious sedation. Dental nurses can also apply for dental technician courses in Australia to further their career.

By becoming a dental nurse, you will join a fulfilling and constantly growing profession and will work in a diverse environment as an integral part of a small team that genuinely helps people.

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