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Careers in Healthcare: Become A HealthCare Professional


Careers in the Healthcare industry are divided into two: Physician and Non-physician jobs. Today we thought of throwing some light on the non-physician jobs that are known to be highly paid in the Healthcare industry.

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Genetic Counsellors: Genetic disorders are known to all of us. These disorders are inherited. Birth defects due to this reason are also quite common. It is the duty of the Genetic Counsellors to assess and familiarize their patients with the risk of inherited conditions.

Radiation Therapists: The painful treatments relating to cancer are administered by radiation. These treatments are carried out by Radiation Therapists.

Dental Hygienists: All mouth related disorders relating to cavities or gum infections or diseases are dealt with by the Dental Hygienists. They examine patients for any oral diseases, clean their teeth and suggest tips for dental care.

Insurance Underwriters: Underwriters scrutinize insurance applications and conclude if insurance can be provided to the applicants. They also determine the insurance coverage that can be provided and the premium amount to be charged for every policy.

Respiratory Therapists: Breathing can be really troublesome for some people due to chronic or mild respiratory ailments like Asthma. Respiratory Therapists play a crucial role in treating such patients in addition to others who suffer a heart attack or a cardiac arrest or those who have met with an accident.

They not only develop a line of treatment for patients in consultation with the doctors but also measure the lung capacity using various tests.

Occupational Therapists: OT’s have to deal with individuals who are unable to perform their daily routine smoothly. They treat patients and help them in enhancing the skills required for normal functioning; these could be as basic as eating or even developing motor skills. Individuals who suffer from Alzheimer’s or autism or cerebral palsy seek the help of Occupational Therapists.

Diagnostic Sonographers: Diagnostic medical sonographers use advanced imaging equipments to generate images or perform tests. These images/test results aid physicians in diagnosing medical conditions. The expertise of these professionals also comes in handy during surgeries.

Pharmacists: These professionals give out medications based on prescriptions received from Physicians. Additionally, they may also guide patients on fitness and lifestyle, provide immunizations and administer medication provided to patients.

Physician Assistants: PA’s are practitioners who report to Physicians. They update the Physicians about the progress of the treatment, consult patients and provide a diagnosis.

medical university - online nurse training college

Orthotic/Prosthetics: The O&P professional’s design customized devices like artificial hands, arms, feet etc. They also design braces and other medical devices that help the patients largely. All these devices are made by taking accurate measurements to ensure they fit the patient perfectly.

Speech Pathologists: Speech Therapists diagnose and decide the line of treatment in case of communication and swallowing ailments in patients. Individuals who have suffered a stroke or a brain injury or emotional trauma require the assistance of Speech Pathologists. Individuals who have a cleft palate or cerebral palsy also see these professionals for assistance in speech and language.

Nurse Practitioners/ Midwives/ Anesthetists: Also known as Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, the Nurse Practitioners are involved in providing patient care. They coordinate the line of treatment with the Physicians; however, they may operate without the supervision of a Physician depending upon where they are working. The services of Midwives are hired especially during childbirth. They also provide guidance and care during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Counseling during pre-conception is another important facet of their job. Nurses who administer anesthesia during operations and surgical procedures are called Nurse Anesthetists.

With a plethora of opportunities for individuals who want to explore the non-physician side of the Healthcare sector, this industry is certainly booming. If you wish to explore your chances of achieving excellence in this field contact experts at Leverage Edu and get the required guidance to decide on a career path for yourself.

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