Can you Use your Vision Insurance to Buy Contact Lenses Online


Use your Vision Insurance to buy Contact Lenses online

With the exception of business tycoons or maybe those who are in exceptionally well paid jobs, the majority of us are struggling to pay off loans, save a little bit for our future and also get by everyday.

For things like contacts, that are kind of a luxury especially for those who are wearing it to switch things up rather than due to the compulsion of weak eye sight, think twice about the expenses that will be incurred in the process. It’s always best to look for bargains such as discount Halloween contacts, but of course this can’t always be done.

In order to make things a little easier on your pocket, try using your vision insurance for contacts.

The Correct Process

First things first: using contacts isn’t child’s play! While it may be a relatively easy thing to do, and does become a miniscule part of your routine if you use them in routine, the fact remains that putting something inside your sensitive eye should be dealt with the seriousness it deserves. Keeping this in mind, there’s a process that needs to be followed:

Go see an optometrist. They have the requisite knowledge, skills and experience to properly assess the condition of your eyes and whether they are suitable for contacts. Something as simple as a minor case of dry eye which may not even be noticeable for the individual can cause major issues if the same individual starts wearing contacts before addressing the issue.

It’s also important to visit an optometrist prior to purchasing lenses, because advancement of technology has introduced different kinds of lenses so there’s something for everyone. It’s always better to get the advice of a skilled practitioner before going ahead with decisions like these. You can also ask questions and erase all your doubts. Also remember to take along your glasses, if you do wear them, and of course your vision insurance card.

Next up, is where you try a pair of contacts. Not all pharmacies offer this service though so try to find one that does.

Last is the actual purchase.

Using Vision Insurance for Contact Lenses

So now that we have the prerequisites out of the way, let’s get down to business. Using vision insurance for contacts is a wonderful opportunity for saving money especially for people who use contacts on a routine basis. How can you do it though?

Pick the right vision plan!

What does this mean? Aren’t all vision plans fairly standard? No, they aren’t! when you are choosing your plan for the year, keep the following points in mind:

First of course is the budget. Vision plans are designed with a lot of flexibility to accommodate customers and their needs. Even minor tweaks can lead to lots of advantages in terms of benefits!

Past performance should always be evaluated. For this, it is also advisable that you try to search for people who wear contacts, and believe me there are many, and ask them about the plan they are using. You’d be surprised at the valuable feedback you would get in a very short span of time. This will also help you formulate a short list of options and then evaluate them to close in on a final choice!

Choosing a vision plan that has a wide network including independent local practitioners, retailers and even online stores is always a good idea.

It leaves your options open when you do want to purchase contacts, rather than restricting you to a meager few selections. This is also important to consider, as stores can’t possibly stock everything, and so with a restricted list, the stores on the list might not have the contacts you need, and ordering them could take a long time. Having other stores as alternates comes in handy in situations like these.

For some insurance claims, you have to pay the bills yourself and then file a claim with the insurance provider. Another option is choosing a retailer or practitioner who can directly handle the claims. This is super useful as usually nothing goes out of your pocket and we can all agree what a big relief that is!

Such businesses are registered with the insurance provider which makes the process a lot simpler. You go buy your contacts, and brownie points for you if you can find deals such as discount Halloween contacts, hand over your insurance card, and get your contacts! The business then bills the insurance providers directly. All you have to pay is out of pocket expenses if any!

Always remember to choose a good vision insurance plan. You might have to pay a little extra but remember: higher risks lead to higher rewards!

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