train your brain - brain age

Brain Age: Learn How to Train your Brain


What happens to the brain as we age?

Brain aging process is predictable for some level, but not constant; as it disturbs everyone, or every brain, but differently. Reducing down brain aging is an ultimate solution to achieve endless youth.

The weight of human brain is about 3 pounds, a human brain is design with a 100 billion of neurons that are interconnected with trillions of synapse.

During the life time our brain change movements more than any other part of our body. The structure of brain are very complicated.

train your brain - brain age

The starting years of infant baby, a baby brain form more than 1 million new neural network every second. The size of the brain will double during toddler period and after the age of 6 their brain volume become 90 percent same as adult.

The frontal lobes –it is a part of the brain that is responsible for doing any functions, for example planning, working memory, decision making and impulse control, also it is not completely developed before the age of 35 years.

Normal brain aging

As our age become increase almost all our body part become eventually weak including the brain. Blunder of mind are more when person become older. Also face problem of memory gaps.

Older individuals often become anxious about memory slips due to the link between impaired memory and Alzheimer’s disease. However, Alzheimer’s and other dementias are not a part of the normal aging process.

Older people become more worried about the memory slips. Mutual memory changes that are related with normal aging process contain:

• Difficulty learning something new:Problem during commitments of any new promise and information to memorize too longer.
• Multitasking:Parallel task becoming more difficult and slow process of doing multitasking.
• Recalling names and numbers:Problem face during memorizing name and number after the age of 20.
• Remembering appointments: Without signals recall the information.

Some study show that one third part of the older people face problem of declarative memory.

Now a days Scientists are patching together the huge puzzle of brain research to find out how the brain delicately changes after some time to cause these changes.

Normal changes that are happen due to occurrence of brain aging contain:

Brain mass: Reduction in the frontal lobe and hippocampus, it is an areas which complicated in higher cognitive function and encoding them new memories. This is start in between the age of 60 or 70 years.

Cortical density: Become smaller the outer beamed surface of the brain because of the decreasing synaptic connections. Some connections help to slower down the cognitive processing.

White matter: White matter contains amyelinated nerve that are pushed into tracts and forward nerve signals between brains cells. Myelin is assumed to shrink with age, which is cause by the slow processing and decrease cognitive functions.

Neurotransmitter systems: According to the research it is found that with aging the brain produce less chemical and due to which decrease in dopamine, acetylcholine, and norepinephrine activity which is because a decreasing thoughts, memory and increase stress.

Recent discoveries in brain aging

There are different study are conducted for brain to find the solution of brain aging and still are made.

Stem cells

Presently, researchers in New York from Albert Einstein College of Medicine expose in a mouse study that stem cells are the responsible and control the function of how fast is the aging occur in the brain.

“In this research shows that a various number of neural stem cells logically failures after the life of the animal, and this failure increasing aging,” according to the professor of molecular pharmacology at EinsteinDr. Don sheng Cai, Ph.D. it is also find that if we refilled the stem cells then there is a chance of slow down the aging process.

In a study where injecting stem cells in the brain of old mice and normal age mice are destroy will reduce the aging.


“SuperAgers” are a group of people who cross the age of 80 years but still there memories are as sharp as healthy people or teenagers.

Therapies to help slow brain aging

There are different factor that involve in brain aging. For example fatness after maturity increase the brain aging or using sugar and fat are the cause of brain aging.

If people do daily exercise, will help to avoid from memory loss and cognitive.

• contribution in regular physical activity
• following some intellectually inspiring activities
• staying socially active
• managing stress
• eating and live healthy life
• sleeping well


One of the important factor that help everyone to get rid of brain aging is exercise. Do different aerobic and confrontation exercise about 45 minutes and do as many time in a week or regular to increase brain power of people after 50 are more important.

Another research was conducted by the University of Miami found that people who do not have even experience of exercise will face memory problem and thinking ability decline more than the person who take part in any exercise.

Dancing is also another factor for an anti-aging on the brain of seniors. A study by the German center for Neurodegenerative disease found that people who do exercise may have reverse the aging signs but the people who dance have very deep effect.

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