best bone marrow transplant doctors

Bone Marrow Transplant Surgery


Growing demand for bone marrow transplant surgery

The medical science has developed various treatments for a number of diseases that are known as deadly and find some of the best solutions for them. A bone marrow transplant is a surgery that gets people out of the dangers suffering from deadly diseases like cancer and gives them a long and healthy life. But, the procedure is backing out because of the insufficient numbers of donors like all the other transplants. The bone marrow makes red blood cells or erythrocytes and white blood cells or leukocytes and blood platelets or thrombocytes.

best bone marrow transplant doctors

Generally, these cells go through renewal through stored stem cells in the bone marrow otherwise known as the virgin cells. The bone marrow is situated in the middle of the long bones such as the humerus bone of the arm, the pelvic bone in the pelvis, etc. The bone marrows are way too different from that of the spinal cord which is a part of the nervous system stocked in the form of the channel by vertebrae.

How is the bone marrow transplant conducted?

A bone marrow transplant consists of taking a small bone marrow sample from the donor and infusing it into the patient. Some deadly diseases can be treated undergoing this procedure, and it is highly effective in the cases of leukemia because the cancer cells in this disease invade the bone marrow and make it function improperly. This condition also goes with the case of aplasia where the bone marrow does not function properly and is unable to produce white and red blood cells.

The bone marrow transplant can also be done by the bone marrow transplant doctors in India when a harmful treatment procedure accidentally destroys the bone marrow completely or partially, and that stops the production of red blood cells risking the patient with anaemia. When your white blood cell count falls, your body stops fighting to foreign germs and infections, and when your platelet count is reduced than normal, you experience bleeding.

What is the HLA system?

The major problem with bone marrow transplant surgeries is the graft rejection which means that when the recipient is unable to accept the bone marrow of the donor. You need to know that every individual has his bone marrow characteristics and the tissues are genetically inherited, and the immune system is programmed in such a way that it can eliminate all the foreign elements from the body. These tissue properties are also known as the “HLA system”.

When the bone marrow transplant doctors in India opt for an organ transplant that meets all the criteria of HLA system, it is termed to be compatible. In such cases, the recipient body accepts the donor cells, and the immune system does not damage the transplanted organ in any way, and it is identified as an organ that is belonging to the body. There is a procedure known as autologous bone marrow transplant that uses the patient’s bone marrow, and it is collected first and then frozen to be used later in life.

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