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Best Home Remedies to Increase Low Platelet Count Fast


Natural Home Remedies to Increase Low Platelet Count Fast

Low Platelet Count: This condition of low platelet count is known as “Thrombocytopenia”. In this condition, the patients don’t have enough platelets in their body. These platelets cell help in the formation of clots in your blood. Due to lack of these cells in your body, there isanabnormal bleeding inside your body.

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At normal cases in human, the platelet count ranges between 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microliter but in case of Thrombocytopenia the platelets count is less than 150,000 per microliter.

Platelets are the cellular components of blood along with red and white blood cells. They play a very important role in blood clotting and bleeding. Like other cells platelets are also formed in bone marrow. There are total two 3rd of platelets release in circulating blood and other are stored in the spleen. The total lifespan of platelets in blood is 7to10 days.

Symptoms of Thrombocytopenia:

• Superficial bleeding into the skin which leads to the formation of small reddish spots called Petechiae. These spots usually appear on the lower legs.
• There is blood in urine and stools
• Increase in size of the spleen
• Fatigue problem
• Bleeding problems from your nose and gums.
• Heavy menstrual flow
• Jaundice
• Bruise like rashes in the skin called Purpura

Causes of Thrombocytopenia:

1. Leukemia: This is one of the common causes for the Thrombocytopenia. It is the cancer of the blood cells in which the white blood cell count increase in your blood. It also affects the function and production of blood cells in the bone marrow. So it ultimately affects the production of platelets cell in the bone marrow by causing Bone Marrow Cancer.

2. Aplastic Anemia: It is an autoimmune disorder which shows effect on your bone marrow. It can occur when stem cells present in your bone marrow stop producing platelets, RBC and WBC.

3. May-Hegglin Syndrome: It is the rare genetic disorder, which causes the enlargement of platelets cells. It is mainly associated with Purpura and bleeding in your body.

4. Medicines:Some medicines such as antibioticsare also the main reason for the low platelets count because these antibiotics contain Heparin, and Sulfa which prevent the formation of blood clots.

5. Chickenpox and Mumps: These disorders can also lower the blood platelets count.

6. Chemotherapy: This is the one of treatment for cancer patients. This chemotherapy destroys the stem cell of your body along with cancer cells. Due to the reduction in stem cells, there is no proper formation of platelets cells and ultimately there is a reduction in blood platelets count.

Home remedies to cure Thrombocytopenia:

healthy food eating habits

1. Papaya Leaf Juice: This is one of best home remedy for Thrombocytopenia. The juice of papaya leaf very effective for dengue patients. The studies show that regular consumption of papaya leaf juice increases the count of blood platelets in your body. In the rural area, this is one of the natural remedy for the treatment of dengue.

2. Vitamin B12 rich food: Vitamin B12 is a very good remedy for patients suffering from Thrombocytopenia. Milk is a very good source of calcium and vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 helps to regenerate the platelet cells in your body. If you have a calcium deficiency in your body then it will take more time for the formation of blood clots. The good source of vitamin B12 are eggs, beef liver, clams, salmon, milk, yogurt, rice, and cereals etc.

3. Lemon and AmlaJuice: These two are a very good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps us to improve our blood platelets counts. It can improve our immunity and boost energy. It has a very good antioxidant property which protects the platelets cell from free radical damage.

4. Spinach: Spinach is the very good source of vitamin K and as we know that vitamin K plays an important role in blood clot formation. It is avery important factor for bone health. It produces13 proteins which play a very crucial role in blood clotting. There are some other vegetables such as kale, collards, green leaf lettuce, and turnip green which are also a very good source of vitamin K.

5. Pumpkin: Pumpkin is rich in vitamin A which is also very good to increase your blood platelets count. It regulates the function of protein which helps to produce the platelets in the blood. There are lots of another source of vitamin Such as carrot, kale, and sweet potatoes etc.

6. Wheatgrass: It is a good source of Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has a similar structure to hemoglobin. It is known as the blood of plant which shows a great effect on blood platelets production. Continuous consumption of juice of wheatgrass of few days show some very effective results.

7. Beetroot: It hasa very good natural property of antioxidant and hemostatic. The antioxidant property ofBeetroot helps to protect your blood platelets disruption due to free radicals. If you add beetroot to your diet daily than it will definitely improve your blood platelets count.

8. Giloy Juice: It is also very beneficial for the proper functioning of immune system. It helps to strengthen your immune system, and ultimately increase your blood platelets count.

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