Best health apps for android phone

Best Health Apps for your Android Phone


Best Health Apps for your Android Phone: Download and Install for your Health & Wellness

Do you read the recent news concerning health? Yes, then you must have read the 30-year-old marketing executives are suffering from high blood pressure and other diseases. It has become mandatory nowadays, to take care of health.

Instead of spending your money on medicine, don’t you feel to take the time every day to spend an hour on exercise? And yes, eating the right food also matters. Okay, there are many who need a companion to exercise or to give motivation.

Health apps for your android phone

Best Apps for your Android Phone for your Health & Wellness

Then there are some who always need the gadget to take care of their accomplishments in exercise. Are you one? Then congratulations! In this article, we give you information on the best health apps for your android phone.

Now, you do not have to spend the hard earned money on some fancy gadget to get the right data regarding the fitness routines. Please note that the app can fulfill many requirements, even that of a personal trainer.

Why do you need the best health apps in your android phone? Is that your question? These apps can keep track of your daily exercise activities. Yes, they give the information in the form of graphs and charts. Kindly check out the apps mentioned below.

1. Runkeeper App

This app makes use of the phone’s GPS transceiver. With this app, you can set goals for your pace run. You will get audio updates so that the motivation remains until the running is completed. The advantages of this app are – setting a personalized routine for your needs. You can also take part in a running group and there will be rewards program. This is one of the best health apps for your android phone.

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2. Runtastic

You can get every type of metric with this app. Right from distance to pace to burnt calories and the heart rate. Do you have a Wear OS smartwatch? Then keep the mobile at home when you have established a connection. If you opt for a premium membership, you will not get disturbed by ads. Yes, there are more helpful features in store. It is mandatory you have this best health app in your android phone.

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3. Strava Running and Cycling GPS

As the title suggests, Strava is an app by which you can monitor the cycling routes via GPS. It can give excellent result regarding your workouts and keeps track of the achievements.

Usually, many athletes prefer this app, and if you have gone as a traveler to a new country, then it is possible to find the best running routes via this app.

4. Map My Run

If you love running as physical activity, then this app is a must for you. Map My Run offers audio feedback on the running activity. You are entrusted with challenges to motivate you to reach the goal. There are running route suggestions and it is possible to track more than a hundred activities via this app. Yes, you have an active community which uses this app. If you want more features such as no advertisements, then go for the premium version.

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5. Argus

Were you searching for an app which can monitor the calories you intake, the heart rate as well as your sleep patterns? Then go for this app free version. You need to chart the workout plan yourself and yes, you are offered challenges. You can include Argus as another of the best health apps for your android phone.

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6. Pedometer

As the name suggests, this app makes use of the pedometer to track the steps you take during the walk. It has other features. With the “Trends” section, you can take up challenges and connect with the exercise groups in the locality. In connection with the internet, the records get automatically updated. Unlike the other apps, which offer a complete workout plan by themselves, this app allows you to design the plan exercise routine for yourself.

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7. Google Fit – Best Health App For Your Android Phone

This app is simple and it makes you give the best for your fitness routine. You need to complete a target every day. Now, the same prerequisite features are found in this app also. You get the tracking capabilities of the workouts, customized tips, and yes, it is possible to get the data via Wear OS smartwatches.

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Best health apps for android phone


There are other apps, you can find as the Nike Training Club, Strong Lifts, Jefit and Workout Trainer. You need to take care of your health. So, how about having an app in your mobile that gives you the most motivational audio and other features? We have given information on the best health apps for your android phone.

But remember, the android phone also has to be in perfect working condition. Do your kids also use the mobile? Then it may be quite natural that the computer may have received unwanted downloads or even suffered a virus attack.

In such a situation, you need to opt for the best mobile repair professional. Let us assume you are in Mumbai and have a health app on your mobile. You feel that the mobile has suffered a virus attack and needs a maintenance service. So, what is the next step? Take it to the mobile repair expert. But how do you know that the professionals you employ are trained, and qualified?

So, it is advisable to opt for the services from home maintenance companies who have the best technicians skilled in mobile repair in Mumbai. You just have to download their app and book the service as per the convenient schedule. The expert will come to your home to fix the problem.

So have you read the article of Best Health Apps for Your Android Phone? Keep visiting the website for more updates.

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