nutritionist advice - top 7 foods for your health

Best Foods for your Health


Top 7 Super Foods for your Health

Some people realize, and some do not, but health is one of the primary concerns of the time. Where ever you look, you just find bulky and obese people around, which is being honest is not the worst view to look at but regarding peoples’ health, it is something more than worse. Learn here what is the best food for your health at this Health and Medical Advice Portal.

nutritionist advice - top 7 foods for your health

Nutritionist advice – Top 7 foods for your health with the passing time, people are becoming more and more conscious about their health, and this is a good sign, but it is somewhat difficult for a layperson to figure out what to have and what not. Some of us can afford to you go to a nutritionist while other people have different priorities, but they still need healthy living don’t they? Following are the superfoods that can do wonders for your health.


Have not we all heard how great it is to have water all day long? The best snack, great for weight loss, amazing for your skin, fantastic for getting rid of bloating and available almost all the time.

Water has managed to be at the top of the best food list for so many reasons. Having an adequate amount of water enables you to lose the excess fluid from your body, stay in shape and be shiny.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, heard of it right? But a lemon a day keeps the fat away is the new line that we all must be aware of. Intake one lemon a day in any form and stop fat in your body from spreading.

Women who are pregnant and having nausea all the time most squeeze it in a glass of water and thank me later.


If any of you want to lose your weight, keep your blood pressure healthy than must not forget the use of this ingredient. I add garlic in almost all of my dishes; it smells good, tastes fantastic and has so many benefits for our body.

PRO TIP: If you need to have a super flat tummy than have two or three raw garlic gloves with lukewarm water and see the results within a month.


Make eggs your best friends. No matter if you are trying to lose weight or gain it, eggs are your food to go. Eggs have 70 calories in it and can be an amazing agent for protein, Omega 3 and vitamins. Try to have boiled eggs as it is the healthier option.

Avoid egg yolks if your blood pressure is always high.


Mint helps our body with the digestion and makes our skin fair, clear and flawless. Add it up in your green tea or make mint tea itself, make its juice or sprinkle it over your food, have it as you like it but include it in your diet.

Women with period’s disorder must avoid this thing as it can be a reason for your delayed period.


Just like apple oats are full of fiber and help us feel full for the longest time. You must also have heard that having a nice breakfast not just define your whole day but your life too. Have a bowl of oatmeal at the beginning of a day and chose to live better.


Cashews, oh cashews! I have loved them since I was a baby but never knew how amazing these could be. Almonds are good for your health but cashews have some really good reason to stay in your life. Just a handful of them can make your heart and mood better and can be a good source of energy booster.

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