eye infection with contact lenses

5 Early Signs Indicating You Have Eye Infections Due to Contact Lenses


Eye Infections: 5 Early Signs Indicating You Have to Meet Eye Doctor

Contacts are almost a revolutionary product, if you think about it. I mean who could imagine there would be this tiny film that we would put into our eyes and voila! Our vision will be clear and crisp. And there will be no unseemly frame and glasses hindering us either!

eye infections with contact lenses

Contacts are not only useful for those with weak eye sight though. Nope! Especially now with colored contacts easily available in a wide variety of colors such as blue, green, brown contacts and so many others – total game changer for all costumes! Halloween has become such an amazing – not to mention scary, affair now that there are even white and black contacts available!

Are there Risks Involved when Using Contacts?

The answer simply, is that anything used with proper care can be beneficial to us. While anything used recklessly can prove to be a liability, when using contacts, it is important to establish the premise of the situation: you are putting something in your eye!

The eye is sensitive – and of course, it goes without saying, it is extremely essential as well. There’s no harm in using contacts. Just use them smartly and with proper precautions.

• Always wash your hands before applying or taking off contacts.

• Change the lenses solution regularly, preferably after every use. It is also advisable to follow the “rub and rinse” method of cleaning out your lenses, even though some solutions can clean them up without said process.

• Different kinds of lenses have different wear-times, adhere to those. On that note, always discard lenses as soon as they are past their expiration date. This is not something you can “test” to see if it’s still working.

• Use hypoallergenic products with lenses. These are easily available.

• Make sure you keep up your appointments with the eye doctor.

Indications of Eye Infections Due to Contacts

Here are five signs which you should be on the lookout for. Treasure your pretty brown contacts and the beautiful looks you can create with it.

Well, never ever ignore these eye infection symptoms:

1. Red, Irritated Eyes.

This is literally not a symptom that needs any explanation. However, for the sake of clarity let’s elaborate. If your eyes show any signs of irritability or are getting red, it definitely means something is wrong.

2. Blurry or fuzzy vision.

It’s understandable that something gets in our eyes at times, leaving us blinking rapidly to clear out our vision. However, blurry or fuzzy vision that doesn’t go away in a matter of seconds or minutes at most, is an indication of an underlying cause.

It could be an issue with your contacts. Or it could point to something much worse. Blurred vision can also be an early sign of diabetes in which case blood vessels surrounding the retina leak or high blood sugar levels can cause them to leak, causing swelling as well.

Other causes include:

o Stroke,
o Brain hemorrhage,
o Lupus,
o Migraines, and others.

3. Discharge or puss.

Again, nothing that needs an explanation here! And definitely nothing that needs a visual. Any form of discharge from the eyes must be addressed immediately.

4. Watery eyes.

Watery eyes are often ignored as being due to the sunlight or any other reason. However, persistently watery eyes are a sign of an upcoming infection and shouldn’t be ignored.

5. Sensitivity to light.

If stepping into the sunlight or switching on a light causes an uncomfortable sensation in your eyes, that’s light sensitivity. This can be due to several issues including an infection from wearing contacts, so definitely a symptom which needs to be monitored immediately.

What Should Be Done if Any Eye Infections Symptoms Appear?

In case any of these symptoms appear, the first step is to wash your hands thoroughly and take off your contacts. This is important!

If you notice any of these symptoms at a party and you don’t want to dispense your brown contacts, remind yourself it’s your eyes and your vision that’s at stake here.

The next step is to make an appointment with your eye doctor and go see him/her as soon as you possibly can. The doctor will assess your condition and prescribe an appropriate treatment plan in accordance with the severity of your condition. Often, antibiotic drops are prescribed that can easily treat such infections.

However, if there is any other underlying reason such as an issue with your blood vessels, the case will be treated in a different way as deemed fit by your doctor. Doctors often advise to cease wearing contacts until the issue is resolved.

In case of frequent eye infections, daily wear contact lenses are advised as well. These are thrown away after a single use, which helps to bring down chances of infections.

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