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hair transplant in women

Hair Transplant Surgery: A Guide to Getting a Hair Transplant


Introduction to Hair Transplant Surgery Most of us take our looks for granted like good health and youth that is until they’re gone. For many people, a hair transplant treatment can help bring back what looks like a full or at least a fuller head of hair. If going bald really bothers you, ...

Absent MENSTRUAL PERIODS What Everyone Must Know about Amenorrhea

Absence of Menstruation (Amenorrhea): Never Suffer Again


Guide to Absence of Menstrual Cycle (Amenorrhea) MENSTRUAL PERIODS is crucial to teenage girls and adult women health. Learn why! Continue your reading about what everyone must know about Absence of MENSTRUATION (also known as Amenorrhea). Introduction to Amenorrhea Amenorrhea is the absence of ...

tobacco addiction center

Tobacco Addiction: Quit Tobacco Smoking


Are You Struggling With Tobacco As Addiction? Read this to quit now! It is no longer a secret that smoking and chewing tobacco is hazardous to your health. The addictive nature of smoking or chewing tobacco is such that many people who try to quit are successful and many others who try to quit can ...

Breast augmentation - Laser Hair Removal treatment

Guide to Breast Augmentation Scars


Answered- Your Most Burning Questions About Breast Augmentation Introduction to Breast Augmentation   Breast augmentation, informally known as a boob job, to enlarge breasts is the second most popular cosmetic procedure after liposuction. While there are women who request a breast reduction ...

Treatment for Abdominal Pain

The Ultimate Guide to Abdominal Pain


The Ultimate Guide to Abdominal Pain: Causes, Medical Advice, Symptoms, and FAQs Abdominal pain is also known as tummy pain or stomach pain is a pain that can be felt anywhere from below your ribs to your pelvis. The abdomen has major blood vessels in the abdomen and it also houses many organs, ...

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How HBOT, Proper Diet, & Medications Helped an Autistic Child Recover


When the doctor identified symptoms of autism spectrum disorder in a four-year-old child- Mitchell, his mom got disturbed and upset. Since childhood, there was a difference in the way he communicated. He used hand signals more than the verbal communication. Having suffered a traumatic brain injury ...

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and FAQs about HBOT Therapy for Autism


Introduction to Hyperbaric oxygen therapy The tissues present in your body need an adequate supply of oxygen to function. When these tissues get injured, they require more oxygen to survive in contrast to regular. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is done to increase the amount of oxygen your blood can ...

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Is It Possible to Minimize Post Atlanta Breast Augmentation Scars


Are you planning to opt for a breast augmentation procedure soon but have concerns regarding the postoperative scars? The thing is having scars is an inevitable factor when it comes to any surgical procedure, and the same goes for the Atlanta breast augmentation procedure. There’s no way to dodge ...

Breast augmentation - Laser Hair Removal treatment

How Laser Hair Removal Improves Skin Color


How Laser Hair Removal improves skin color? Laser Hair Removal is the process of removing unwanted hairs permanently. So how Laser Hair Removal has to do anything with skin color? Yes, it has a relation with the enhancement of skin color. Improvement of skin color is one of the important benefits ...

Medical diagnostic centre

Best Home Remedies to Increase Low Platelet Count Fast


Natural Home Remedies to Increase Low Platelet Count Fast Low Platelet Count: This condition of low platelet count is known as “Thrombocytopenia”. In this condition, the patients don’t have enough platelets in their body. These platelets cell help in the formation of clots in your blood. Due ...